Virtual Staging vs. Traditional Staging

There are a million reasons why a home seller should have their home staged before it goes on the market - staged homes typically sell quicker and for a higher price than their vacant counterparts. Perhaps a seller has already moved and taken all vestiges of a life-well-lived with them, leaving a budget for staging virtually non-existent.

Since traditional staging can be both time consuming and expensive, easily running into the thousands of dollars, any seller on a budget may not be able to consider traditional staging a viable option.

Thankfully, virtual staging is an inexpensive alternative, and is much more flexible than traditional staging. For instance, a living room could be virtually-staged in different styles - from traditional to modern, and everything in between - to appeal to different types of buyers.

So, aside from appealing to a vast number of buyers and encouraging a quick sale, why else might virtual staging be a good idea to consider? We cannot present all million reasons, but here are a few to get you started.

1. Virtual staging gives vacant rooms new life.

It’s difficult enough to envision how an empty space would look with furniture when someone sees the space in person, but when all that’s available is a virtual tour? That makes it more difficult. Not only is the area viewable in direct relationship to the rooms around it, but it’s hard to gauge how big a space actually is. Adding virtual staging gives a better idea as to the dimensions of a room, and how furniture would look in the space.

2. Virtual staging gives each room a specific function

When rooms are left empty, there can sometimes be a question as to what a room is - is it a rec room? A bedroom? A den? The lack of information signifying what room is being viewed leads to uncertainty - and uncertainly could put a damper on a home’s perceived value and ultimately its sale.

3. Virtual staging allows a home to look well-cared-for.

When homes are vacant, it’s easy to have a lackluster reaction - particularly when the neutral color palette of walls and floors offers little in the way of warm and inviting. When furniture is added it breaks up the sometimes bland colors, and breathes life into the space. With life there is the potential for dreaming, and with dreaming comes the ability to emotionally connect. And houses that evoke an emotional connection are houses that sell.

The key to virtual staging is to make sure not to be deceptive - give buyers a chance to see both the original empty space and how that same space would look with its virtual makeover.

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